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Crazy Horse Paris

The Vegas Crazy Horse Paris at the MGM Grand is a Vegas striptease show like no other. Based on the original Crazy Horse club show that opened in Paris in the 1950’s (and still going strong today), this performance elevates burlesque and striptease to a visually striking art form above and beyond your average Las Vegas show. The Vegas Crazy Horse Paris is designed to be an exact replica of its Paris counterpart in every way, including the actual venue, with an intimate, exclusive yet sophisticated feel.


Yes, there is partial nudity in the show, as you’d expect, and this certainly has an obvious appeal as far as male members of the audience are concerned. That being said, the amazing production, tasteful choreography, beautiful dancers (all ballet-trained graduates of the original Paris show), and outstanding visual effects make the Las Vegas Crazy Horse a unique spectacle that appeals to anyone who appreciates the female form as a work of art – women included.

The theme here is the zodiac, with the show celebrating the beauty of women from different star signs (hence, the 12 dancers in the show).

The MGM Crazy Horse trademark is the use of boldly colored lights projected onto the dancers’ naked flesh. Another unique element is the elaborate choreography which creates artistic vignettes rather than mere titillation.

But probably the single most interesting aspect of the Vegas Crazy Horse show is the fact that all 12 dancers have been painstakingly selected so that they are as identical as possible in their appearance, including size and height. This adherence to physical similarity amongst the dancers has been a feature of the Crazy Horse show in Paris since its inception. As such, both the original show and the Vegas show have gained a reputation for their tough selection process, resulting in a burlesque performance like no other.

The Vegas Crazy Horse Paris at the MGM Grand is on every night except for Tuesday. Show times are 8pm and 10:30pm.


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Las Vegas slot machines free play
Las Vegas slot machines free play

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