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If you are a seasoned football or basketball bettor but never wagered on baseball, you are in for a pleasant surprise : You no longer have to watch as the winning team you had bet on celebrates a close victory, but with a final score that leaves you with a losing ticket. That`s because baseball, the betting handicap is a money line rather than a point spread.

With no point spreads to contend with, a Win is a Win when you bet on Baseball.

The format on a casino`s betting board would look like this:

Time Team Pitcher Line Total
4:30 - Angels - Colon - +140 - 10 over -120
- Yankees - Pettitte - -160 - 10 under 100

Here, the Yankees are the favorite, and you would have to wager $160 to win $100. Choosing the underdog Angels, you would be putting $100 for a shot to win $140.

The good news is that you are picking the winner of the game, pure and simple. A Yankees win would return $260 to you; an Angels win, $240. In this example, the run total in the game is 10 and bets made on this proposition are based on whether the combined score of both teams is over or under 10 runs. Here, bettors risk $120 to win $100 on "over" wagers and $100 to win $100 on "under" wagers, for winning returns of $220 and $200 respectively. If the final number of runs scored is exactly 10, the bet is refunded.

"Baseball is the only field of endeavor where a man can succeed three times out ten and be considered a good performer" - Red Sox slugger Ted Williams.

If you can`t be at the game, a sports book in Las Vegas is the next best place to be. The high-energy environment takes on life of its own during big games and events such as March Madness, the World Series, football season and the Super Bowl.

Handicapping Baseball

The dominant aspect in making a baseball betting line is the starting pitcher matchup. The betting line could fluctuate greatly between two teams based on strength or lack therof, of their starting pitcher for that day. When handicapping a baseball game, there is a myriad of statistics readly available for analysis. How does a team fare against right-handed or left handed pitching ? Did the team go deep into their bullpen the night before, creating a situation where their premier relievers are unavailable today ?

Team records breaks down into home, away, day and night categories into consideration. Each park has its own character, and the differences affect run averages. Games at San Diego PETCO park, for example, tend to be low scoring due to deep dimensions in the power alleys and due to heavy air, thanks to the park`s promximity to the ocean. Cincinatis Great American Ball Park, on the other hand, has shorter dimensions leading to more runs and high scoring games.

Las Vegas Sports book - las vegas oods

Las Vegas Sports book - las vegas oods

Las Vegas Sports book - las vegas oods

- Harrah`s Las Vegas Sports Book
- Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino Sports Book
- Bally`s Las Vegas Sports Book

Another determining factor when betting the run totals are the home plate umpires. Those with larger strike zones are viewed as statistically under umpires (John Hirschbeck) while others are seen as more hitter friendly over umpires (Mike Reilly). Baseball has a treasure chest of more information that can be used to the bettor`s advantage. Resources like Baseball Prospectus should be at any handicapper`s fingertips.

With baseball bets, you are picking the winner of the game, pure and simple

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Las Vegas slot machines free play
Las Vegas slot machines free play

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