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Monti-Licious 1 by Monti

Sometimes in this blog there's so much to write about I don't know where to start. For months I've been discussing that three hotels are in trouble, either headed to bankruptcy, hostile takeover, owing debts too big to overcome. The first to go down is the Sahara. This great hotel with a 60 year history of entertainment that includes such icons as Louie Prima, Sinatra and Sammy, the true Rat Pack, and of course yours truly.

In 1967/68 when I first arrived in Las Vegas I went to the Sahara to see Louie and the Rat Pack. What an incredible legacy these entertainers leave us. For the owners of the Sahara.... you should bring all the entertainers back, dead not withstanding, for one last hurrah.

This week the big news of course is our international star, the Diva herself, hail Caesar! The Queen has returned... Celine is back. The Colosseum at Caesars was built for Celine and became a great show room. Everyone who came to perform in this magnificent room tried to fill her shoes but none came close. Witnessing this new show on opening night, one has to be amazed. It really is Celine in concert, bringing a new dimension to her brand. Between the sets, the gowns, the orchestra and the never-before-seen special effects, (note the huge LED screen backdrop), Celine once again raises the bar like no one else can. Ella Fitzgerald and Martha Raye would have been proud of her rendition of "Mr Paganini". As an entertainer myself, Monti Rock III has seen them all and some entertainers are able to create their mystique with their talent and intertwine their grand skills as an artist, which Celine does. I'd like for anyone reading this blog to take this as proof. Even if you're not a Celine fan, this is a great show.

Gladys Knight is opening at the Tropicana in her own theater April 5, 2011. Gladys is often referred to as the Empress of Soul and her performances are always magical giving the audience an intimate look at her stand alone talent. She's releasing a new recording this spring which has been produced by American Idol judge, Randy Jackson. They've worked together in the past which proved to be successful for both. I know what you're thinking and the answer is NO! There are no Pips! Brother Bubba, one of the earlier Pips and a talent in his own right, will open the shows for Gladys.

I thought I had the theater at the Tropicana locked up but guess Gladys got to it first. Well done, Gladys. It just might be the right fit, too. The Tropicana is offering new restaurants, new decor and of course the Mob Experience. Add Gladys to the Trop and it's a marketing dream. Just in case you're interested, give me a call. I'm in the marketing business... the Guru of Consultants, Monti Rock III.

On the phone with Rider McDonald, producer of "ZOMBIE VOODOO SCREAM PARTY", this week. Rider plans Ella to bring David Cassidy into star in his latest vehicle. David Cassidy and I go back a long, long time to the late Wes Farrell. Between appearances at the MGM in EFX, David's show The Copa at the Rio, I found David to be one of the great entertainers and a true marketing genius of our time. He opened the for for me here in Las Vegas when I returned in 2001. So, we'll welcome David and Rider.

Front runner for Mayor continues to be, in my opinion, Carolyn Goodman. Of course there's still talk about school budgets and possibly building a new sports arena downtown. Do we really care about that in this climate? Las Vegas and Nevada still rank number one in unemployment, foreclosures and homeless. Who can fix the problems?

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan have created one of the most devestating disasters in history. Mother Nature is trying to tell us something. The Japanese people are in dire need of assistance from all over the world. We have to try to do something for our fellow men. It's all about the power of kindness, and do unto others...... please help!

Our other major tragedy, Charlie Sheen, has booked his "tour" into several major cities. Radio City Music Hall in New York has the "distinct dishonor" of that booking. Sh ame on Radio City Music Hall, once the home of class entertainment.


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Las Vegas slot machines free play
Las Vegas slot machines free play

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