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Mirage Volcano

ATTENTION: this attraction is no longer available. We keep this article for research and information purposes.

Every fifteen minutes from dusk till midnight there’s a man-made seismic event you can experience only at the Mirage casino-hotel in Vegas. Watch in awe as the Vegas Mirage Volcano, one of the most recognized attractions on the Vegas Strip, spews smoke and fire into the night air.

Amazing lighting and sound effects developed by WET, the same company responsible for designing the Bellagio Fountains, make the volcano ever so real, with pools of fire and fantastic smoke effects. The Mirage Volcano Attraction is comprised of two main components, a lagoon and on-demand fire shooters, which blaze 12 foot (3.5 meter) flames into the air.

Massive fireballs move to the rhythm of the music with the help of a computer system designed especially to coordinate this incredible show. The movements of fire and water are performed so smoothly that most audience members wouldn’t realize that the entire show is choreographed to the millisecond by its architects. On the musical side, the volcano’s flames are accompanied by the sounds of the Indian tabla artist Zakir Hussain and the legendary drum beats of the Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart.

The new and improved Vegas Mirage Volcano has proven a huge draw for the hotel, and one of the most popular Vegas attractions for kids. Its reopening in 2008 after months of construction revealed the fiery icon in all its new glory. While the project came with a hefty price tag (in excess of $25m), the volcanoes have greatly contributed to the hotel's increased property value.

All in all, the Mirage Volcano is a definite must-see when coming to Vegas. As a free attraction, it brings huge crowds to the hotel on a daily basis. You might consider taking a room at the Mirage for the incredible opportunity to see the volcano from above. Man-made or not, there is something magical about those fire breathing mountains!


The Mirage Volcano is situated outside the Mirage hotel and casino, located at 3400 S. Las Vegas Blvd, on the Vegas Strip between Spring Mountain Road and Flamingo.


The Vegas Mirage Volcano erupts every 15 minutes daily from 7pm until midnight.


The show is free.

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Las Vegas slot machines free play
Las Vegas slot machines free play

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