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SPA in Las Vegas - great treatments at Las Vegas SPAs

Look into our not-so-distant past reveals that once only a fortunate few were able to traipse the globe and gather the best that different cultures had to offer. Now we find the earth easily opens itself up to all of those who choose to experience it. If you`re ever dreamed of becoming a citzen of the world, a brilliant place to start your journey is a SPA. here ancient rituals and ingredients indigenous to exotic locales are fused with modern techniques, creating unique treatments that not only invite guests into a new culture of bliss but allow them to explore different customs: drop down below the equator, linger in the Mediterranean, experience the sensations of Southeast Asia... and be back before dinner.

Las Vegas SPA - SPA treatments in Las Vegas


Based on the Ayurvedic healing tradition and originating in ancient India, Thai Yoga Massage was brought to Thailand by Buddhist monks trained as healers. Using stretches, applied yoga exercise and rhythmic compression, this deep massage increases flexibility, opens joints, relieves tension and releases blocked energy.


The Turkish Hammam Ritual - including deep-tissue massage, a private steam session and Swiss shower - draws inspiration from a bathing tradition that dates back thousands of years. Fragrant ingredients such as Turkish coffee grounds, brown sugar, walnut, cinnamon and cardamom are used in concert with milk proteins, aloe, seaweed and orange or lavender body butter for a wholly rejuvenating experience.

Las Vegas SPA - SPA treatments in Las Vegas


This japanese inspired treatment improves circulation and leaves skin radiant through an exfoliating blend of powdered bamboo, Japanese yuzu grapefruit and rice. An organic body wrap infused with minerals and Sakura cherry extract soothes skin while rich crème scented with traditional Japanese ume plum moisturizes. A dusting of silk powder finishes the experience.

Las Vegas SPA - SPA treatments in Las Vegas

Citrus Marine Detox Body Tone Nature - THE SPA AT LUXOR LAS VEGAS

Do you need a fresh start ? Detoxify and renew your body from the outside in with this three-stage deluxe treatment. An invigorating sea salt and seaweed scrub reveals fresh and healthy skin before a Mediterranean marine mud body mask is applied to remove toxins and impurities. Lastly, a toning and firming gel seals in all of the benefits while improving the look and feel of skin.


In this South Pacific inspired treatment, Dilo nut - a centuries-old Fijian remedy for sun exposure, inflamation, rashes and scars - is mixed with aloe vera, coconut and exotic Fiji nut oils and applied to strengthning of the body`s healing mechanisms, restoration of moisture to skin and pure relaxation.

Las Vegas SPA - SPA treatments in Las Vegas

Bindi Detox Body Treatment - BATHHOUSE - THEHOTEL LAS VEGAS

Drawing from the traditional pancha karma rejuvenation therapies, this ayurvedic treatment uses warm, herbal-infused oils, a botanical body mask, aromatherapy and hot-towel body wrap to leave skin smooth and nourished. Also includes a toxins, boosts the immune system and gives skin a true glow.

Skink into Bliss

When you find it`s time to do a little cultural exploration, give yourself an afternoon at one of these of tranquil SPAs. Each one oofers a multitude of services, from Anti-Aging Facials to Zen Stone Massage, that provide a chance to restore, recharge and relax while sampling exotic rituals from around the world.

Bellagio Las Vegas - SPA Bellagio - 702 693-7472

MGM Grand Las Vegas - Grand SPA - 702 891-3077

THEhotel Las Vegas - Bathhouse - 877 632-9636

Mandalay bay Las Vegas - SPA Mandalay - 877 632 7300

The Mirage Las Vegas - The SPA - 702 791 7472

Treasure Island Las Vegas - WET - The SPA - 702 894 7474

Monte Carlo Las Vegas - The SPA - 702 730 7590

New York - New York Las Vegas - The SPA - 702 740 6955

Luxor Vas Vegas - Nature - The SPA - 800 258 9308

Excalibur Las Vegas - Royal Treatment SPA - 702 597 7772

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Las Vegas slot machines free play
Las Vegas slot machines free play

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