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Latin cusine and nightlife in Las Vegas

Two things you`ve got to love about Las Vegas : Winter never lasts long and weekends never end. Celebrate the warm weather with colorful Latin cusine, exotic top-shelf cocktails and friendly crowds who enjoy you in toasting, Viva la margarita !

Las Vegas nightlife - Las vegas mexican cusines


Jeffrey Beers-designed décor provides a stunning backdrop for colorful contemporary Mexican cusive and top-shelf cocktails at this critically acclaimed triple threat. Though you may not think your`re coming to dine, the inspired menu by celeb chef Richard Sandoval will change your mind: humble tortilla chips are elevated to the sublime when paired with handmade lobster guacamole or sinfully rich queso fundido. Tacos with grilled pork al pastor are a sophisticated rendition of a street-food classic. And Mexican meatballs are a special gift to you from Sandoval`s own family recipe archive.

One to try : The Goddess Elixir - a blend of Herradura Selección Suprema, Grand Marnier 100 year anniversary, Cointreau, rock candy syrup and fresh-squeezed citrus fruit - is divine !

All these mounthwatering treats aren`t just pure indulgence though : You`ll need nutrients to provide ballast for the endless spectrum of margaritas, sangrias, mixed drinks and top-shelf tequilas at Isla. Whether you`re a conventioneer out for a post-workday cocktail (or three) or a bachelorette enjoying that last "just-us-girls" weekend, Isla`s selection is guaranteed to tempt you into a few rounds more than usual. And why not ? Everything you need to have fun is right here : an upscale crowd, vibrant, best-of-The-Strip ambience, fabulous cocktails and servers you could stare at all night long.

Isla`s Goddess Elixir, prepared before your eyes by a lovely Tequila Goddess, deserves its signature drink status but many of the other margaritas can more than match up in terms of flavor. True tequila aficionados may want to bypass the mixing altogether in order to better appreciate top-of-the-line bottles such as the Corazón Añejo and Herradure Selección Suprema. Remember, that`s premium Mexican history you`re tasting. Slip it slowly... if you dare.


Everything`s rosy, literally, at this uniquely styled Mexican casual-chic restaurant. From the tulip-colored banquettes in the bar and the blush infused lighting to the vibrant walls, Diego is like a technicolor dream. Whether it`s packed with dinner guests or welcoming the early evening wall in front, high ceilings and menus that perfectly match the booths and banquettes. The overall effect is inviting and warm, upscale but with a wink and nod to romantic whimsy.

Diego`s menu offers inspired contemporary renditions of Mexican classic dishes including carne asada, tacos and enchiladas. The latter is prepared Oaxacan style, with red chile sauce that`s savory and zingy but not too hot, and a variety of Mexican cheeses to balance out the tequila buzz.

One to try: Sorbet Shooters combine two tried-and-true favorites: dessert and liquor.
Here strawberry, lemon-lime and mango jalapeno sorbet scoops float in shots of tequila.

Las Vegas nightlife - Las vegas mexican cusines

Speaking of tequila, Diego boasts an unparalleled selection of Mexico`s famous spirit. With hard-to-find brands ranging from Corzo to Chinaco 30th anniversary to Herradura to Corazón, the bar reigns supreme in the reposado and añejo range. And if you aren`t the type to enjoy sipping straight spirits, Diego`s margaritas and other inventive top-shelf bar creations are sure to please. Fresh-squeezed juices, unique recipes and artistic blends help distinguish these libations from the average cantina cocktail.

Vegas insiders also have started to take note of Diego`s weekly after-hours party, Vida, held Friday and Saturday nights 11pm `till dawn. Contemporary Latin rhythms and tableside mixology service lend new levels of sophistication to the city`s late-night scene.

Las Vegas nightlife - Las vegas mexican cusines


This devilishly fun Monte Carlo hot spot is always hopping, with a casual, come-one-come-all ambience that`s reminiscent of a Cabo beach club. However, instead of facing the beach, the expensive indoor-outdoor front section looks out on The Strip. People watching is an interactive sport here, whether you`re having margarita on the patio, ogling the tequila vixens and roving bachelorette parties or checking out the nightlife action from a strategic second-floor perch.

One to try : The Frida Kahlo reflects artistry in alcohol and is made with Frida Kahlo Tequila, rock candy syrup, fresh pressed lime, fresh blackberries and raspberries and a splash of ginger ale.

The tequila vixens`s late-afternoon arrival kicks off the daily transformation from restaurant to tarantino-inspired border bar. Gradually the vibe gets more and more lively and at 10pm tables are pushed aside to make room for a dance floor. With live music on the second level and DJ spun hip-hop and techno on the first, the 13,000 squere foot space welcomes a full spectrum of styles and personalities to its high-energy floor.

Throughout the night, the tequila shots keep coming and by 3am you may not be able to distinguish the friends you arrived with from the ones you picked up along the way. If shots aren`t your thing, Diablo`s mixologists do up margaritas, mojitos, sangria and a flavorful spectrum of specialty drinks. Guys, go big with the Platinum Cadillac Margarita - Gran Patrón Platinum, Grand Marnier 150th Anniversary, Cointreau and fresh lemon and lime juice. Ladies try the Paloma Blanca, a blend of Tezón tequila, grapefruit, lime and Squirt. This favorite tastes like a healthy juice and kicks like a mule.

Las Vegas nightlife - Las vegas mexican cusines

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Las Vegas slot machines free play
Las Vegas slot machines free play

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