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Bodies the Exhibition

Vegas Bodies at the Vegas Luxor is a unique, exciting and educational attraction, where visitors can learn about the human body by looking at specially preserved human specimens and organs. Located somewhere between science, art and (macabre) entertainment, this exhibit is a fascinating experience for the whole family.

The bodies on show have gone through a polymer preservation process which makes all the specimens in Vegas Bodies look somewhat unreal – comparable to plastic sculptures of human parts and organs. This, however, is good news for the squeamish as it means there are no unwelcome smells accompanying the exhibit.

Although there is no denying that Bodies the Exhibition will have an obvious appeal to those with an interest in the grotesque, the show is not designed merely to entertain or satisfy people’s morbid curiosity. Its real purpose is as a scientific, educational tool to teach visitors about the human body. All the “pieces” on show at Las Vegas Bodies are complemented by a plethora of interesting tidbits about the human body in general, to delight science and trivia aficionados of all ages.

Another explicit goal of the show is to encourage healthy living. Much of the Vegas Bodies Luxor exhibition is intended to warn about the dangers inherent in unhealthy lifestyles, by putting the results of such abuse in the public eye. Normally only doctors and coroners get to see the actual damage caused to the human body by substances such as alcohol and nicotine, but the organizers of this Vegas attraction hope that by making this knowledge accessible, they will encourage more people to take better care of their bodies. To this effect, damaged specimens on display at Vegas Bodies include smokers’ lungs, an alcoholic’s liver and a brain that has suffered a stroke.

The Vegas Bodies Exhibition is on display at the Vegas Luxor daily from 10am – 10pm. Tickets cost $31 for adults, $29 for seniors, $23 for children 14 years of age and younger, and $28 for Nevada residents and Luxor hotel guests.

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Las Vegas slot machines free play
Las Vegas slot machines free play

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