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Sirens of Treasure Island

One of the most popular Vegas attractions on offer is a show remarkable not only in its special effects, sexy dancers and impressive set, but also in its price - FREE. That’s right. The Vegas Treasure Island Sirens show is completely free, making it a much-loved draw for the entire family.

Part pirate show, part battle of the sexes, the Vegas Sirens of TI is performed several times a day at the famous Vegas Treasure Island casino hotel and is about 20 minutes long. It’s an impressive, light-hearted spectacle with beautiful dancers and actors performing daring acrobatics in the air, in the water and on a grand set which includes two life size pirate ships. The show’s trademark special effects include shooting canons (as part of its famous fight scene) and plenty of fireworks. Each show is slightly different from the one before, with a large rotating cast keeping it fresh, in spite of its demanding nature.

The Treasure Island Sirens of TI is performed outdoors in both warm and cool weather, although not in inclement weather conditions (in order to maintain the safety of cast and crew). Its location on the Las Vegas Strip, just outside the Treasure Island hotel, means it’s 100% family friendly. The Sirens’ outfits, while obviously skimpy enough to fit in with the Las Vegas spirit, are also modest enough not to offend.

Combining brilliant choreography with daring stunts performed by its skilful performers, the show never fails to draw an audience. Some of the more popular elements of the show include Sirens jumping from high above the crowd into the cold water below, a pirate being held captive, and an impressive finale with brilliant lights, upbeat music and plenty of dancing and pyrotechnics.

The show can be viewed from the strip or from a VIP viewing area available exclusively to Vegas Treasure Island guests.

The Las Vegas Sirens of TI show is on daily all year round outside the Vegas Treasure Island, apart from the occasional maintenance-related break, weather permitting.

Show times are 5:30pm (winter only), 7pm, 8pm, 10pm and 11pm (summer only).

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Las Vegas slot machines free play
Las Vegas slot machines free play

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