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Las Vegas shows - Viva Elvis review

Viva Elvis is the brand new show for Cirque du Soleil at Aria Resort & Casino - City Center. Viva Elvis is doing great and this production is all you can expect from a Las Vegas show. Viva Elvis by Cirque du Soleil present the scenes from the king of the rock n roll life and career. All generation that missed the life of Elvis, can now enjoy a remixed Elvis with modern views and music, in a fusion of acrobatics and live music.

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As any other Cirque du Soleil resident show in Las Vegas, Viva Elvis is full of action and rock n` roll music where the director Vincent Paterson

Before Viva Elvis show begins, one of the artists walks throught the public and gives prizes to any correct answers for Elvis trivia questions. This interaction is very funny and get the public ready for the action. The Viva Elvis show have more dance sequences than acrobatics segments. So, if it`s your first time in a Las Vegas show, specialy in Cirque du Soleil, you should wait for more acrobatics sequences. But remember that Viva Elvis is all about rock n` roll and dance.

We reviewed some Viva Elvis comments and see some people that loved the show, and other was really hated. There are some things different in Viva Elvis shows if compared to other Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas. The stage, is in most of it`s time flat and the audience is in all one side, like you are seeing a movie. ( in other cirque du soleil shows in Las Vegas, the audience sit in all sides and the stage is very dynamic).

You will enjoy the Viva Elvis and will learn more about the Elvis life. The drummers, the trampoline scene and the great footage of Elvis will worth every cent you spent.

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About Viva Elvis show

Every day, 7pm and 9:30pm at Aria Resort & Casino Las Vegas

The tickets is from U$116.

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Note that all Las Vegas shows solds out very fast, so purchase your Las Vegas shows tickets in advance is very recommended !

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See some comments about Viva Elvis show we found searching online :


HANDS DOWN, the most AMAZING show I can never get enough of.
I attended the 9:30 show on Saturday night May 15th.

Viva Elvis was advertising Summer of Cirque $50 tickets to 7 shows in Las Vegas... of course I JUMPED when on the weekend I was going to be in Vegas, tickets were available at such a steal of a price!!! I booked Viva Elvis Saturday & LOVE Sunday

Viva Elvis was my overall pick! after watching both shows...

Choreography, Wardrobe & Costume Design, Props etc.. I enjoyed every detail and narration of the show. It was calibrated to perfection!

It was emotional at times. I don`t want to ruin it for people but it was an enjoyable experience!!! It`s so sad to know throughout the entire show that such a wonderful talented, handsome man that literally put Las Vegas on the map is now passed.


I don`t know what the producers were thinking when they conceptualized this show. But if falls so short of what I expect from a Cirque du Soleil production.
They were good in the costume and sets department.
But the choreography was repetitive, and mediocre.
It was more of a tribute to Elvis than performances done to his music.
Lots of singing and film footage chronicling the stages of his life.
His childhood, Army life, his movies, his women.
There were lots of noise and hoopla and getting the crowd warmed up. That was work.
Clapping after each segment presentation was subdued. If there was any attempt at humor - one might cough up a small quiet chuckle.
The narrator was dying up there. Script was contrived.
The only segment that merits any mention were the trampoline performers. Amazing stunts! Their talent wasted on this show. Because they get lost in the size of their set. They come out as comic book heroes which Elvis enjoyed as a child.
For the amount of money they ask - they need to pay me to watch the show.

I was so excited to see the new Cirque in town. I`ve already heard of many other peoples` reviews. So here`s mine.

When I think about Cirque du Soleil, I think about of course the circus! Imaginative, talented, strong, athletic, beautiful (etc., etc.,) entertainment!

Viva Elvis has most of what has been mentioned. I think I wanted more stunts, which I was use to.

It is a tribute to Elvis of course. Yes, I do agree you its a lot about Elvis and you should be some sort of fan. They talk about a certain portion of his life, then theres some singing/dancing, then a stunt portion.

I enjoyed it because I liked watching Elvis when I was kid with the parentals. He was dead before I was born, but I couldn`t help watching his shows and remembering how handsome he was. In this show they had so many clips of him and remembered how much I liked him when I was a little girl.

So It was an "okay" cirque show. I did enjoy it. There`s too many great things about Elvis to squash it in this show.

This wasn`t a true Cirque show, this was like going to a broadway show, and broadway show tickets are much cheaper than Cirque tickets. Inevitably I compared it to Love and Ka, and KaZaa the three other cirque shoes I have seen. I have also seen a "wanabee" cirque show on broadway, and this is exactly what it was like, a "wanabee" cirque!

Cirque shows have the acrobats coming into the audience, (not just the ground floor) they have much more breathtaking stages, and I feel as though this show was put together in a couple of months, where as the other circque show were clearly dedicated the right time and effort.

If this is your first cirque show do NOT watch it, go see Love (which u can easily find discount tickets for) or Ka or ofcourse O, so that you have as high expectations as the real reviewers on this board. I mean clearly the ones that gave it more than 3 stars, have not seen other shows, all of which far exceed in excellence than this one.

Sorry Elvis (RIP).

Four Stars because I sat in the very top balcony in the very last row. You can`t get much worse than the tickets I had (hey, they were free!) and I have to say that the show was still great.....

....inevitably I think if you`ve seen LOVE you will compare the two shows. They have the same theme: interpreting the songs of the artists by dance and acrobatics. In the end, I think LOVE is way better. But Viva Elvis has it`s high points as well.

It`s high energy. It flows well from one song to the next. It`s don`t ever really have to feel bad or recall Elvis` drug-induced death. You`ll walk out of the theater cheery. That`s all you can ask for, right?

If you are an Elvis fan, SEE THIS SHOW. If you are a Cirque de Soleil fan, you should see this show. If you are just looking to see ANY show in Las Vegas, see La Reve at Wynn or LOVE at Mirage. (just my 2 cents!)

I personally did not like the show. I have seen several Cirque shows, which leads to kind of having a certain expectation of the Cirque du Soleil shows. This is just not up to what I was expecting. I can appreciate the show, but again, I was coming in with a certain `cirque` expectation. Too much dancing, not enough "cirque". It would be one thing if mosst of the dancing was good, but it was not. Alot of the dancers were just no insync when they were suppose to be.

I do like the the nostalgia of the show, hearing `the King` rock the stage. Maybe they can add more cirque-ness later?

I was SOOOO disappointed and also sad we spent $150 a ticket on this. Here is the problem - I saw LOVE first - and I have seen it 9 times already - that is how good it is. I would not see this again, ever, unless it changes.

I really am trying to be fair, but it really made me sad that it wasn`t equal or better than LOVE. I know the performers have probably worked really hard but:

1 - the dancing was not in sync a lot of the time

2 - the funny parts were not funny

3 - get rid of the singers! They were great singers, BUT again coming from the LOVE experience where they use all the real Beatles music I wanted to hear more Elvis!

4 - the movies of Elvis were cool, but if you are a fan you have seen them before - too many maybe

5 - the Superhero thing has to go....

6 - the two Elvises on the guitar kept messing up - they had no "real" routine that I could tell and it did not fit the music

I know, I know someone out there is thinking I am not being fair probably - but if you are going to spend money on a Vegas show....see LOVE or KA.

The theatre is really cool but i could see it being a little difficult for those in wheelchairs, which i am not .Oh speaking oh wheel chairs the ushers shoved us out the way so Smokey Robinson could get on the elevator. On a side note I`ve bet him before, he`s actually very nice.
BUT back to the king!the dancers are awesome and the band fantastic. At first i thought oh it`s like every other cirque show on the strip but then it finally added some elements you will not find in another other cirque show on the strip ( i have seen em all)
Is it as big scale as Ka? No, Striped down like Zumanity No.
I think it`s a new take on a show and done very well. Elvis would be extremely proud.

I went to see `Viva Elvis` with my husband and his parents last month. We had perfect seats right behind the sound booth! The `fan girls` at the beginning (pre-show entertainment) got a little annoying, that could be cut down a little - I don`t think anyone would mind. My mother-in-law is a huge Elvis fan, she seemed to really like the show. The symbolism throughout the show, especially in the beginning with Elvis and his brother who died, is beautiful. I loved the voice of the girl who sang `One Night`, she sounded like Adele! I didn`t like their version of `King Creole`, it was

My favorite parts were `Jailhouse Rock`, the part with the comic book characters, `Viva Las Vegas`, and the army dance sequence. Really great show, beautiful costumes, would probably see this again!!

Viva Elvis is the hot new show in Vegas. I loved it. When I was a young girl, I had the biggest crush on "young Elvis" and often watched his movies on tv. As a fan, I appreciated how the show portrayed his life through a moving collection of pictures, dance, and music. All of the other Cirque du Soleil shows I have seen in the past contain more exciting and adrenaline raising acrobatics than this show, but Viva Elvis is more lyrical and contains more artistic dance sets than incredible physical feats. Sometimes I found the dances and song renditions so touching I was moved to tears. For example, there was a scene set to Elvis`s One Night With You where two men swing, dance, and tumble through the sky on a high wire guitar representing Elvis`s lost relationship with his twin brother Jesse Garon, who died at birth.

There were also some great remakes of Elvis`s songs, all sung by incredible female leads. Afterwards, I checked the gift shop for a copy of the soundtrack but it is not available yet. The recording should be available soon. This is a must see for Elvis fans but may be a miss for those who are looking for a traditional Cirque du Soleil show or do not know much about Elvis.

During a majority of the show, I kept rolling my eyes and wondering to myself when the cast was going to bring Elvis` dead, rotting corpse onto the stage to light it on fire rather than tarnish his image even more. By the time we got to the Viva Las Vegas set piece, I thought to myself, "Oh Jesus Christ, they`re really going to bring his dead, rotting corpse on stage to light on fire."

Viva Elvis is creative bankruptcy at its finest. The show is a downright train wreck in which Cirque du Soleil tries to emulate their formula that made The Beatles` Love work. Unfortunately, Cirque isn`t able to capture the lightening that made Love be the crowd pleaser that it is. Instead, the audience is treated to a piss poor jukebox musical meets lackluster dance act that masquerades as a Cirque show.

The show is all style and contains not a single ounce of substance. The entire project feels that Cirque ran out of ideas, but had to fulfill a contractual agreement with MGM to put a show in CityCenter. Since the show is held inside a Vegas casino, why not revolve it around one of the world`s most well known singers who had a contractual agreement with Vegas?

From the weak female singers attempting to have a duet with Elvis to a crazy, out of place trampoline set-piece that has not a single goddamn thing to do with anything relating back to Elvis; you want to keep your eyes away from the stage, but everything is so horrific you have to keep looking. The music is the show`s only saving grace, but it`s not worth the money one would have to pay to get in.

The show`s big disconnect with me was with the humanization of Colonel Tom Parker who acts as the narrator for our journey. Are you kidding me? Anyone who took History of Rock and Roll to fulfill their art credit in college knows that Parker is a Grade-A asshole; but Cirque has the balls to portray him as a genuinely swell guy. Cirque, tell me, what`s your follow-up? A show about Anne Frank where you have Joseph Goebbels as the narrator?

Plain and simple, Viva Elvis sucks. If I didn`t get in for free, I`d be angry and upset. However, I`m going to look at the positives and be grateful that I get to bitch about my experience watching it.

This was somewhere between 2-3 stars. My tickets for the show were free and I did actually enjoy myself. However, the show itself needs some work. While some of the segments were quite good, there were others that didn`t hold my interest and it did not flow smoothly from one part to another.
I think this show has a ways to go before it can hold its own against the other shows on the Strip.

I have seen around 10 Cirque performances. They should remove their name from this immediately. I did not get this show at all. It is not like I am a huge Elvis fan but I do like many forms of entertainment, I was not entertained at all. I even lost a lot of respect for Cirque in general. Luckily the next evening we went across the street to see KA. This was a great Cirque performance.

I guess if you are some kind of die hard Elvis fan you may like this. If not save your money and skip this one.

I LOVE Elvis. So, it pains me to knock off a star, BUT I have the fantastic ability to be objective and fair. Watch:

Considering this is a Cirque du Soleil show, it IS a little lacking as far as the Cirque style goes. There was actually more dancing around than actual acrobatics. There... you`ve been warned.

The music is AWESOME! Basically, all the songs have been re-mixed and/or rearranged. For instance, we get a drumline beefing up Return To Sender; a girl and her piano singing One Night; ragamuffin singing on King Creole; distorted guitars on Jailhouse Rock; and some flamenco guitar on (I forgot which song). I can`t wait for the soundtrack to be released!!

I also appreciate that that they never tried to impersonate Elvis. No male singers sang his parts (no male singers at all, actually), Elvis sang his own parts via track. There are spots where the girls sing solos and/or duets with Elvis, but it`s awesome.

Elvis plays a big part of the show via audio and video projection.

HERE`S WHAT IT COMES DOWN TO: If you`re a fan of Cirque du Soileil - sure, you might be disappointed; and I`m sorry. But if you`re a fan of Elvis - you WILL NOT be disappointed, and you MUST go.

The show was AWESOME! I`m not an Elvis fan, but Cirque did a great job with the songs and the show!

Just a warning: This show does not have as much acrobatics as other Cirque du Soleil shows. They mixed in a lot of dancing with acrobatics in between.

Before the show began, some of the girls in the show were dressed up like the 50s Elvis teenage girl fans and were interacting with the audience members in the front. Audience members who danced and participated got some Elvis memorabilia.

The show is not a documentary about Elvis`s life, but it does revolve around some important points in Elvis`s life, such as his marriage to Priscilla, concert shows in Vegas, etc.

The songs were remixed to have a faster beat and to incorporate all the dance and acrobatics in it. There wasn`t a single down point in the show; there was always something exciting going on. I love how the show stayed true to Elvis, and never had a person impersonating him. They either had a female sing the song, do a duet with Elvis track, or just played Elvis track for the singing.

Please save your money... This show is UNWATCHABLE. We`ve been to every cirque show and this is just five steps down in terms of quality, performances, creativity, everything. We were cracking up when we shouldn`t have been it was so bad. Then we got upset when we realized we paid $150 a head to go see what was essentially amateur hour theater. It`s like something you see on a cruise ship or a high school musical... but worse because of the money you`re spending. Applause after every number was tepid... like at 40% (you never see that at a Cirque show) and the people that were excited were over 70.
Called Cirque customer service who couldn`t care less... they "took down our comments" but not our name or contact info and basically gave us no consideration. They are attaching their name to this thing and collecting the check...will read reiews next time before we trust the Cirque brand again. We saw a production of "Legally Blonde" for $40 and it was better than this.

For this being my very first Cirque show, I really enjoyed myself. I`m not a fan of Elvis, but thought I would give it a try and I was very impressed. The show has a lot of energy and keeps is flowing pretty well. I`ve read a few other reviews and they were pretty low being compared with the other Cirque shows here in Vegas. I`m looking forward to seeing others and comparing them as well. Very entertaining IMO.

Just saw Viva ELVIS March 2nd and it was the first Cirque show I have ever seen. I have done theater in the past (singing, acting and dancing), so I always appreciate the effort it takes to create and rehearse for a show. And acrobatics are cool to a certain extent, but I am not a tricks junkie. I`d much rather see great acting and great dancing. Another reviewer took the words out of my mouth: "I`m not a very big Cirque fan to begin with, but I do appreciate their athleticism." The main reason I went is because we had comped tickets and I am an Elvis fan.

I liked the opening numbers but started getting bored maybe an hour into the show (it runs about 90 minutes). Acrobatics are cool, but you can only jump on a trampoline and do acrobatic poses so much. Dancing was mediocre at best. Also I am an Elvis purist, so I did not care for some of the versions of his songs. They do play his voice singing for all the songs (much better than some impersonator) but there were a couple duets with females that made my skin crawl; they succeed in making the lyrics to his beautiful love songs sound cheesy.

I guess the biggest issue with the show was something that my boyfriend got to say before I did: it felt very forced, as if they were just using Elvis as an excuse to do tricks. I get that Cirque is all about acrobatics and such, but I felt that they did not blend the two well.

There was a western number with guys swinging flaming lassos around that was impressive. The ending numbers include the male cast members in funky Elvis jumpsuits while the women are in traditional Vegas showgirl attire, and that was pretty fun. There was also a ballet number thrown in and I felt that was the most random part of the show, definitely could have done without it (not on a personal level, just that it didn`t fit into the show).

We sat in the nosebleeds, the second to last row in the theater, but as it turns out I felt that those were some of the best seats in the house; we were not extremely far from the stage. We were pretty much in the middle, and being that high up we were able to see the stage easily as well as all the things going on way above the stage (people drop drown from above and have routines way up in the air) without having to turns our heads way up like people in more expensive seats would have had to.

I REALLY liked the theater though. The seats are so comfortable, no seat is very far from the stage, and the sound quality was perfect. It was not too loud as one might expect any large show to be, and it was crystal clear. I would definitely return to see a show in this theater.

At the end of the day, I`m glad I got to see this for free since I would not have paid $100+ for it, but 2 stars since overall I wasn`t greatly impressed with the show. It doesn`t really make me want to see a different Cirque show, but considering all the Cirque fans that didn`t like this particular show perhaps I will see one some day.

Coming from the biggest Cirque du Soleil fan, it tears my heart apart to write such a bad review but there is only one way to describe this show and that is HORRIBLE!!

If you have never seen a Cirque du Soleil show, then PLEASE don`t start with this one. If you do, you will most likely never have an interest in seeing another Cirque performance and that would be a travesty.

Secondly, unless you like throwing $200 in the toilet, stay far from this miserable show. i was so incredibly bored. I had more fun watching all the people in the audience and trying to read what the girl was texting on her phone in front of me. ( I know that was wrong )

Third, if I had been blindfolded and taken there without knowing where I was and then all of a sudden they took it off, I would think I was at a high school or junior college performance at best.

However, there was one scene that was AMAZING so I must give credit for that part of the show. There is a superhero trampoline performance that was incredible. That was the only scene that woke me up and had my attention. After that, it was back to the high school musical bore fest.

I wish I could get my money back and two hours of my life.

If you plan on seeing a show, consider Ka o "O". Those are both great and worth the $$$$ and time.

Good luck in the casinos!!

As I was entering the Viva Elvis theater Guy Laliberte was exiting. It happened so suddenly that I didn`t have the opportunity to ask for his autograph. He is quite handsome in person but shorter than I expected. It was that? Oh yes it is! Gone! Darn! :( :(

If you are a Cirque fan you will already know that their shows do not have story lines and if they do they are quite vague. With that in mind, this is the story of Elvis` life. It is very touching and although I`m not an Elvis fan, I couldn`t help but be touched by what I assume to be are rare Elvis videos.

This is a synergetic explosion of dance, expression, emotion, Rock N` Roll and acrobats. The dancing was...well, to say it was incredible would be an understatement. If you watch the dance numbers you will see world class acrobatic numbers mixed in. As with most Cirque shows there was so much going on that you`d have to see the show more than once to catch everything.

We arrived early so we had plenty of time to visit the Viva Elvis gift shop. This place has everything. If you`ve ever wanted Elvis playing cards, an Elvis bobblehead in a Pink Cadillac, an Elvis ball, Elvis food, Elvis clothing, etc. then this is your place.

The special effects were quite amazing.

I have seen many Cirque shows and I can see that they are doing their best to make sure each show is unique. I wouldn`t want them to all be the same so when people say...the show isn`t very "Cirque-ish" I am glad!! With that in mind, this has all of the elements of a typical Cirque show. Live music, acrobats, dancing, costumes, sets, special effects and great artistry. Everything seems more spaced out and combined differently if that makes any sense?

With that in mind I believe the tickets are way overpriced. We were in the balcony seats and we were WAY too high to be able to see view the show as it should be seen. I also noticed that the people in the very front rows were oftentimes covered in smoke. With such high ticket prices why were there so many bad seats? Also, the theater had MANY empty seats. I have never seen such an empty theater, particularly for a Cirque show!!! The empty seats were everywhere scattered throughout the theater too!! Has Cirque spread itself thin with too many shows? I have to subtract one star for this.

I would recommend this Cirque show but it would not be my first choice. With `O`, KA, Love and La Reve available, this would never be a first pick.

This show was a JOKE. It had no artistic vision, and was ill-conceived form the get-go. It was really a bunch of poorly-choreographed dance numbers under a archival video retrospective of Elvis. None of that feeling of wonder and abstraction that you get with "Love". Just a greatest hits montage where your focus is split between watching a documentary and seeing a bunch of (talented) performers dance around like they are at a sock hop or rodeo.

Please, bring back the French Canadian mimes, and give us something artistic again! A total rip-off, and a waste of time and money. Cirque and the Aria should be ashamed of this under-conceived, under choreographed, yet somehow overwrought, show.

Hi, I didn`t even know shows were reviewed on yelp until I stumbled across this site!

So I had to throw my 2 cents in. I just saw the show on 3/12/2010 and I really enjoyed it. I agree with the last poster that I think people want it to be like all the other shows Cirque du Soleil has done in 6 other hotels on the strip. As a local I have to say I liked the mix of acrobatics and dance with a really rockin band. The music updates were really cool with the additional girls singing along with Elvis` voice. The evening was fun and you left singing the songs.

Was it overly complex that I had to figure out what was happening? No.
Did I think the skill level and the technical aspects were top notch? Yes.
Was there really good dancing?
Were there some way cool acrobatics?
Did I have a great evening?
Oh Yes.

And I think you would to.

I also think there might be a few new Elvis fans to be discovered after they see the show.

OMGoodness, how disappointing. I`m an Elvis fan and was very excited to see this show. I had the $172.50 seats (which were comped, would have been angry if I paid full price), which were entirely too close.

Most of the show is dancing, which wasn`t exciting, it was just, ok. A lot of the performers looked pissed through out the show, so I was trying to figure out if that was their character or if they were just unhappy. I concluded they didn`t want to be there. The theater was pretty empty.

The soundtrack for the show had pauses and choppy breaks and inserts, wasn`t impressed. Although the opening song was my favorite, got me jazzed up to be let down.

There was no real Elvis character, just his manager who narrated some of the show.

There were a few parts that were cool, like the trampoline super heros, the stripper part, the show girl part, the opening number, the red scarf`s that are dropped from the ceiling & the outside of the theater (wall lights & lighting door handles). The singers were great, especially the black skinny woman, she had a cool rendition.

I won`t go back and I won`t recommend this show.

If you love Elvis (like I do) then you will at least like this show. It was a lot of singing and dancing and less acrobatics then what I would normally expect from a Cirque du Soleil show. I actually think Love (the Beatles show) is better and I LOVE Elvis while I think the Beatles are just O.K.

I would go and see the show if you are an Elvis fan. I think that the moderate priced tickets give just as good a view as the expensive ones (and of course I got the expensive ones).

Be sure to check out the cute little Viva Elvis store they have right next to the theater. They have great souvenirs and I bought a whole bunch of CD`s that were only $10.00 each. What a deal!

I had the privilege of attending the Viva Elvis Premiere Show and after-party at Haze. The scene was star-studded and included actors such as Laurence Fishburne, Justin Long, Chris Noth and Taye Diggs. As such, the vibe in the air was highly exciting and intoxicating.

Now, add to that the fact that I am easily impressed. I can`t sing, act, dance or do acrobatics. So when I see other people who can do those things, I`m "wow`d." So in essence, Viva Elvis "wow`d" me.

Some of the criticisms I heard of the show that night were that the acrobatics seemed tacked onto musical numbers and that the show itself was more spectacle rather than theatrical.

My assessment is that this is Vegas, baby. It`s not Broadway. This town in of itself is a spectacle and thus the shows here often reflect that.

Viva Elvis is a spectacle. It is a spectacle of rockin` good music performed by talented, high-energy (and cute) musicians. It is a spectacle of playful, vivacious choreography performed by smiling, happy dancers all of whom are fun to watch. It is a spectacle of challenging, often-dangerous acrobatics and stunts that made me gasp and cheer at the same time. It is a spectacle of color, lights, costumes and makeup that inspired me to hit my thrift stores for some cute, retro fashion. I am dying for a pair of blue suede shoes!

Per the usual formula of Cirque shows, there is a pre-show that includes female Elvis fans interacting with audience members and gushing on and on about how much they love Elvis. At one point three blue-suede-shoe-wearing Elvis fans invaded actor Justin Long`s seats which he was saving for his friends. The celebrity graciously interacted with the performers as they continued to stay in their teeny bopper characters, creating an entertaining scene for the rest of us to watch. This pre-show of Elvis fans smoothly segues into the loud, raucous first act of "Blue Suede Shoes."

The course of the show basically chronicles the life and career of Elvis. Think of it as a musical biography. Numbers are broken up and explained by an actor playing Elvis` manager Lt. Col. Parker.

Surprisingly, the best act of the show is the Got A Lot O` Livin` To Do number in which performers are dressed as super heroes straight out of the comic books. At first this act seems out of place, but the audience hears Elvis himself explaining how influential comic books and movies were on the development of his persona and career. Elvis saw himself as a hero. And as Elvis and the live musicians perform Got A Lot O` Livin` To Do, these masked performers do the most amazing acrobatic trampoline act. It`s unlike anything I have ever seen before, and I only wish I had such a trampoline-designed contraption in my home so I could have as much fun bouncing off the walls as the performers seemed to have.

The stage design of the show was also impressive and fun. There is so much going on onstage at the same time. Musicians are playing. Dancers are dancing. Acrobats are performing stunts. And all the while photos or film pieces of Elvis are being projected onto a screen above the stage. You need about four pairs of eyes to watch the whole scene, or you may miss something.

Drumroll please............I have now completed my journey of seeing every cirque show in Vegas. There were some good things about his show, but definitely not my favorite. There was a lot of singing. Alot. That`s great, but I felt like there should have been something else going on too. Highlights were the trampoline set and the two guys hanging and swinging from the large guitar. (This is the extent of the acrobatics in the whole show) I did enjoy the music and the show was okay, I just think they could do so much, much more to make it great.

I had a great time
Went with Judi and my dad
Love Elvis and Cirque du Soleil (hate Broadway musicals .........) and thought it was fun
I actually wasn`t even in the mood to go but was SO GLAD i went
It was a bit kitschy which was part of the appeal for me
it was also touching (Cant help falling in love and love me tender )
my dad loved it (and it takes alot for him to love something)
so did my friend who admittedly didn`t know alot of ELVIS stuff
all of the seats where great
our tickets were 84 each (the cheap seats but I could see perfectly)
of course you had the 50`s kitsch mixed with the flips and twirls of cirque
had it only been dance numbers I wouldve been disappointed but it wasnt

I thought this was the worst Cirque show I`ve ever seen!! It had so much potential and with a little bit of real production they could have made it awesome. Don`t get me wrong the performers are talented but I was bored to tears. It reminded me of a high school musical. Plus I really hate "pre-show" entertainment where they come into the audience and try to talk to you... It`s just not my thing. I get that tourists who don`t know better will probably love this show but it`s just because they`ve never seen a real Vegas show. Cirque should have quit while it was ahead... But I don`t know when the last time that was seeing as how their last 2 shows are also major flops. Oh and the big "Blue Suede Shoe" was purple. Come on Cirque!

I`d give this zero stars if that was an option. Well, actually, I can afford one star for the "it`s so bad it`s almost good" flavor of the show. That moment for me was during the Elvis and Priscilla wedding scene featuring a mediocre lady listlessly singing atop a giant, bland looking wedding cake. The whole time I kept elbowing my friend, asking, "is this really a Cirque show? Really? Like, the same Cirque that performs the epic LOVE?" Thankfully I was a guest to this show, because if I had paid $200 for my ticket, I would have cried. Skip this one and see LOVE twice.

We were lucky enough to catch the show on what would have been Elvis` 75th Birthday. Viva Elvis! was definitely better than I was expecting. It`s produced similiarly to the Beatles production, so if you`re expecting the normal Cirque Du Soliel Productions, I`d strongly recommend Ka or "O".

The show chrolnicles the life of Elvis with some terrific singers who spliced in as duets with Elvis original voice in the backdrop. There is also an array of massive sets and props that will keep the eye wandering at all times.

Our seats were dead center about 10 rows. You can pretty much see the entire production from any seat in the lower level. The upper level looked a bit high to me.

Well I don`t want to spoil it too much, so you`ll have to go check it out for yourself

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